Tuesday, August 10th: Traffic to be shifted onto east side bridge deck.

  • Bridge Work Zone:
    • Tuesday, August 10th: traffic scheduled to be shifted on to the newly constructed east side bridge deck.
      • Once traffic switch is made, the crew will remove pavement and install storm sewer on the northwest side of the bridge.
      • Bridge Demolition to start later in the week and continue thru most of August; expect loud noise operations from 6 AM – 4 PM each workday.
  • Main Street / Downtown:
    • Water main installation to start at Alice Street and continue for the next 2 weeks.
    • Water service and storm sewer pipe installations will follow later in August.
  • West Harriet & Washington Streets north of Courthouse
    • Roadway grading and rock placement to continue for next 2-3 weeks.
    • Concrete curb & gutter potentially late August.


  • Properties with newly installed lawn sod:
    • The Contractor will be watering the lawn sod throughout the month of August, but if feasible it would be great if the property owners could assist with watering during dry times. The Contractor requested that the sod not be mowed during the month of August. Come September, maintenance of the sod becomes the property owner’s responsibility. It is recommended that a push mower be used with a cutting height set to at least 3 inches or higher. Heavy riding mowers and cutting the sod too short can cause permanent damage. Watering for the rest of this growing season is recommended and will likely be required during dry times for the sod to properly root-in to the soil.

Check out this news article from 1968 when the original bridge was constructed. Provided by Scott Glendenning, BARD Materials