Public Works

Public Works Dept

Municipal Building
627 Main Street
Darlington, WI 53530

Public Works

Phone: (608) 776-4973

The City Of Darlington Public Works Department takes care of Streets, Water & Sewer also, brush & trees.

Streets: The City maintains 15.73 miles of streets,10.27 miles of sidewalk, 24.2 miles of curb and gutter. Maintaining the streets means snowplowing in the winter along with clearing city parking lots. We don’t plow the state and county roads that pass through Darlington, as the County takes care of them. We do clean up the parking areas and help merchants with the sidewalks after snowstorms on the main street.

Sometimes we have jobs that overlap, like when a tree falls we take care of clearing the street and removing the tree.

Along with snowplowing we also: Paint the road markings, put up traffic control signs as they change, fall, or get hit by cars. Fix potholes, repair sidewalks, repairing curb and gutters, and street sweeping.

Water: The City has about 19.35 miles of water line. Because of the lay of the land, it operates in three different pressure zones with two water towers. Booster pumps can and do move water from one tower to the other if one is getting used faster than the other if a need arises such as fire on one end of town. There are pressure-reducing stations throughout the city so that pressure doesn’t get too low or too high in some areas. The pressure-reducing stations help to maintain three zones of pressure. Here are some facts about our water system:

We have two wells that are over 800 feet deep
One well pumps at 300 gallons per minute the other at 550 gallons per minute.
Miles of pipe: 19.35
Number of Fire Hydrants:178
Pressure reducing stations: 5
Booster pumps: 2
Tower capacity: 300,000 gallons each (two towers)
Daily use: We pump about 260,000 gallons of water a day into the system
Chemicals added: Fluoride and chlorine

A lot of time has to be spent maintaining the system. This means checking the water usage daily and regulating chemical feed. We have to repair leaks in the system. A lot of time that means repairing the road we had to dig up to get at the waterline. Water mains have to be flushed, Pressure reducing stations have to be operated and maintained, Hydrants and valves have to be repaired and operated.