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Darlington is gathering momentum for new possibilities, economic opportunities, and you!
Get involved in making history in Darlington, "Pearl of the Pecatonica."

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Darlington’s Business Opportunities Include:

  • Local and regional food-related businesses. Darlington is located in one of Wisconsin’s most productive agricultural areas.
  • Agricultural and other processing uses. Darlington is close to major university research centers, industrial processors, and assembly plants.
  • Ample, affordable, and well-planned business park, with a full range of infrastructure.
  • Historic downtown space for retail and offices, especially start-up businesses.
  • Nature-based tourism, recreation, and learning opportunities associated with the Pecatonica River, Yellowstone Lake State Park, and trails.

For business development opportunities, contact:

Lafayette Development Corporation

439 Main Street
Darlington, WI 53530

Phone: (608) 776-8080

For information about relocating to Darlington or business development, contact:

Darlington Chamber/Main Street Program

447 Main Street
Darlington, WI 53530

Phone: (608) 776-3067
Email: [email protected]