WIS 23 Project Update 4/9/2021

Next week’s operations (April 12th thru April 16th):

  • River Street intersection south of the bridge:
    • Another crew scheduled to mobilize Monday and start pavement & sidewalk removals at the intersection
    • A crew will then start water and sewer work, including boring water main under the river on the west side of the bridge
    • WIS 23 Flagging 8 am-7 pm all week as necessary – EXPECT DELAYS
    • East River St will be CLOSED at WIS 23 starting Monday, April 12th thru Friday, May 7th
  • Bridge to Ann Street:
    • The pipe crew will continue sanitary sewer and water main installations
  • Alice St will remain CLOSED at Main St all week – access to Casey’s will remain open to/from Alice St, just east of the barricades.
    • Water service replacements may start later in the week – 48-hour notification will be given to the property owners for planned water outages
  • Ann Street to Harriet Street:
    • A crew may start removing pavement and sidewalk on the east side of Main Street, especially if there is a rain day and they can’t work on water & sewer
    • Side street access will remain open
  • Harriet Street to Minerva Street:
    • No work planned

Upcoming & Other information:

  • CTH F / West River St will be CLOSED at WIS 23 starting Monday, April 19th thru Friday, May 7th – emergency vehicle access only
  • The Contractor has piled a load of the underlying pavers/bricks at the City’s Shop on Spring Street that are free for the taking – more will be dropped off if there is a high demand