Need to license your dog? Do it online!: The City of Darlington is excited to offer digital services to all its residents. This partnership between the City of Darlington and HeyGov aims to help to engage with citizens and create a digital community. You can now fill out the dog license application by visiting this webpage or  you can download the HeyGov app and apply that way. Please have your Rabies Certificate available to attach to the application to verify the information. To download the free app: iPhones and iOS devices, download HeyGov here from the Apple iStore. Android phones and tablets, download HeyGov from the Google Play store here. You can also search the word “HeyGov” in your smartphone’s app store to find and download.


Notification of Noncandidacy


Erin Gallagher, the incumbent officeholder for Alderperson of Wards 5 and 6
within the City of Darlington, has filed noncandidacy papers with the City of Darlington.