Clay Street, Driver Street, and E. North Street Update: Temperley Excavating has completed the following: Construction:1.    Water Main:       a.    Completed water main tie-ins at Clay Street and Driver Street Intersections.2.    Street Excavation:       a.    Completed street grading/preparation for curb & gutter installation.Anticipated work to be completed for the weeks of September 19th and September 26th, 2022:1.    Augelli Concrete to be on-site Monday (9/19/22) to install stringline for curb and gutter installation for Clay, Driver, and E. North Streets. 2.    Complete curb and gutter installation on Tuesday (9/20/22) for Clay, Driver, and E. North Streets        a.    **All Residents will be required to stay off new curb and gutter for seven (7) days3.    Complete flatwork (driveways and sidewalks) on Tuesday or Wednesday4.    Begin final street grading/preparation for installation of hot mix asphalt on Clay, Driver, and E. North Streets       a.    No date currently set for paving at this time.5.    Begin Landscaping on Clay, Driver, and E. North Streets.


Plan Ahead for School Traffic

School will be back in session this week. Have you considered your route and how long it will take to get to school given all the construction? Please plan now for a safe ride to school rather than waiting until the last minute to realize you’re going to be late.
If you can avoid downtown between 7:30 am – 8:00 am, and again between 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm, please do so. Many people bypass the bridge by taking an alternate route. This helps alleviate congestion at the traffic lights and is appreciated. No matter what route you choose, please obey the speed limits.