WIS 23 Project Update 5/14/2021


  • Bridge & River Street Intersection:

o    Finish grading gravel at the intersection on Monday, asphalt paving scheduled for Tuesday.

o    Thursday 5/20: temporary traffic signal scheduled to be turned on and traffic switched to one lane access across the bridge – EXPECT DELAYS!!

o    Bridge crew scheduled to mobilize crane, temp concrete barrier wall, and other equipment to start demolition the following week of 5/24.

o    WIS 23 Flagging 8 am-7 pm will continue until the temp signal is operational.

o    CTH F and East River St will remain CLOSED until the temp signal is operational.

  • Alice Street to Harriet Street:

o    Install water services between Ann St and Louisa St.

o    Grade and place rock for the Louisa St intersection.

o    Continue pavement removals from Cornelia St to Harriet St.

o    Water main installation from Louisa St to Catherine St.

o    Louisa St/Hwy 81 scheduled to re-open mid/end of next week on gravel.

o    Cornelia St to be closed when Louisa St is re-opened.

o    Alice St to remain closed.

  • Harriet Street to Minerva Street:

o    Finish box culvert work and backfill.

o    Continue sanitary sewer installation on Washington St/WIS 23 from Harriet St to Minerva St.

o    WIS 23 from Harriet St/CTH F to Minerva St to remain CLOSED – local traffic access maintained to properties within work zone only.