Pecatonica River Trails Campground to open on Thursday, May 21: The Pecatonica River Trails Campground and restroom facility will be opening at noon on Thursday, May 21st under the following COVID-19 Rules & Guidelines: 1.  Social Distancing of 6 feet must be maintained at all times. 2.  No more than one recreation trailer, pickup truck camper or motor home may occupy a campsite. 3.  Occupancy of campsites are limited to members of a single household or living unit.   4.  No visitors are allowed at the campground during your stay. 5.  The playground will remain closed until further notice. Compliance with these rules and guidelines is mandatory.  Non-compliance by park users will result in closure of the park.


Faherty, Inc. is asking residents not to use garbage cans or recycle bins for pickup.

Faherty, Inc. is asking for residents to put garbage bags to the curb without a garbage can. Please bag your recyclables and set them at the curb as well. Please do this until further notice.