Policies & Procedures

  1. The Dora Ritter Wellness Center is a membership facility; non – member usage may result in police action.
  2. Children under 12 are not allowed in exercise rooms at any time. Children under 12 need parent supervision in the gym.  Do not drop off your children and leave; this is not a babysitting service.
  3. Children 12 – 14 must be supervised in exercise rooms by a parent or guardian.
  4. Ages 14 + can use exercise rooms. Must check – into the computer.
  5. Guest passes are available to the workout rooms for $5.00 and must be dropped in box by computer next to office door. No guest passes for gymnasium use.
  6. Do not let anyone into the Wellness Center. If they forgot their key, it is not your job to let them in.  Letting non-members in can result in termination of membership.
  7. If you lose your key fob, key tag or it is not working correctly, notify Amy so a new one can be issued.
  8. All users are responsible for damage caused to the Wellness Center facility: including weight equipment, cardio equipment, and dunking basketballs.
  9. Be courteous to others.
  10. No swearing, yelling, or fighting is allowed at any time.
  11. Use equipment only for what it is intended for. Misused equipment will be taken away if abused.
  12. Do not expect to use certain equipment each day. Busy times require you to wait your turn or try something new.
  13. During busy times please allow others to use – 20 minutes maximum time.
  14. Wipe off equipment when finished.
  15. Put all equipment away when finished with it.
  16. Leave equipment in rooms that it is in.
  17. Do not bang or drop weights or weight stacks.
  18. Wear proper workout attire, shoes, and clothing.
  19. Bring a change of shoes during bad weather to save on equipment.
  20. Put wet shoes in cubbies to allow others to use benches.
  21. Clean off your shoes before getting on machines.
  22. Clean up mess from wet shoes with towels when finished and ready to leave.
  23. If you leave shoes in cubbies, please put your name somewhere on them.
  24. No food or beverage other than water in exercise rooms.
  25. Do not kick or bang gym doors if you forgot your key, go home and get it.
  26. Do not throw rocks or snowballs outside of gymnasium.
  27. No skateboards, footballs, baseballs, softballs, or soccer in gymnasium.
  28. No chalk in weight rooms.
  29. No Wellness Center towels in gymnasium.
  30. Sign into computer each time you come.
  31. If something breaks, please let Amy Prine know.
  32. If you see someone not following rules, please inform Amy Prine by writing down what happened along with name, or let the person know what they are doing wrong.
  33. Call or e-mail Amy Prine for an appointment.
  34. Check the website for updates and schedule of events.


  1. Turn off lights, TVs, and sound system when finished in a room.
  2. Blue towels are for personal use during your workout, place them in the blue cart when done.
  3. Please play music that is appropriate and not too loud.
  4. Check the sign-in screen; it will remind you when your membership expires.
  5. Check-in screen "See employee" means your membership has expired, or money is due on your membership.