Dance Handbook

Welcome to a new year of dance at the Dora Ritter Wellness Center. We believe that dance can enhance everyone’s life, and we love to share this philosophy with our students.

The Wellness Center provides a safe, comfortable, and fun learning environment. We teach proper terminology, posture, alignment, self-confidence and the appreciation of a variety of dance disciplines and music styles.

If at any time you have a question, concern, or comment, do not hesitate to contact us. The only way we can grow is by communication.

We hope this handbook is helpful to you throughout the year.

-DRWC Staff



Hair should be put up, out of the dancer's face.  If you are unable to put your hair up secure it back as much as possible(clips or headbands).  Be sure that it will stay up for the entire class.  Always have extra hair ties in your dance bag for this purpose.


Ballet: leotard, tights/socks, and an optional dance skirt are encouraged; leggings and a tighter shirt are acceptable.

Jazz and Tap: dance shorts or dance pants may be worn with a leotard or tight-fitting dance top.  NO oversized clothing and all pants must be hemmed off the floor.  Absolutely no blue jeans!  This is for your safety and your ability to move.  If it has a zipper it is not ok.


PS & K: Pink Leather Ballet Slippers, Black Patent Leather Taps
K/Combo: Pink Leather Ballet Slippers, Tan Taps, Black Jazz Shoes (slip-on preferred)
Emerald Team: Pink Leather Ballet Slippers, Black Jazz shoes, Tan Tap shoes
Silver Team: Ballet TBD, Black Jazz shoes, Tan Taps

Do NOT buy any dance shoes before coming to class. We have a lot of shoes available for free and if enough class members need new shoes, we may change the type of shoes required (for the older girls only).
Please put your child’s name in all of their dance shoes.

What to put in your child’s dance bag:

  • All dance Shoes
  • Extra Socks
  • Hairbrush
  • Extra Hairbands


  • No chewing gum, candy, food, or drinks on the dance floor.  With the exception of water.  Any food or drink needs to stay on the perimeter of the dance room with caps tightly on bottles at all times.
  • Students must clean up after themselves in the dance room. No food or debris should be left behind for the next class to deal with.
  • ALWAYS wear proper foot and dance attire to class.
  • Wear your hair appropriately for dance class.
  • Leave ALL street shoes, book bags, etc in the hallway against the wall.
  • No talking after class begins.
  • Teachers and assistants are the only ones to make corrections.
  • Ask permission to leave the classroom.
  • Do not sit during class unless asked to.
  • Speak respectfully to teachers and one another.
  • Be positive in attitudes and responses.
  • All cell phones need to be set to silent and are not to be used during class unless the teacher gives permission.   If it gets out of control I will collect phones at the beginning of class.  The same goes for smart watches.
  • Regular attendance is necessary to assure progression in your dancing.  Excessive absences make it difficult for a class to accomplish positioning and transitions.  You may lose your position in the dance by excessive absences.  If you need to miss a class please inform your teacher as soon as possible.
  • When you are absent we do not re-teach the lesson you missed.
  • Label ALL your belongings.
  • Penalties for infractions=time out, push-ups, classroom chores, and/or you may lose your position in a dance.


The recital is optional for all students.  Please inform your teacher if you or your dancer will not be performing in the recital by November 1st.

Costume costs are kept as low as possible.  Prices range from $50 - $10+ depending on the type of class and number of dances/costumes.  All costume and accessories charges are nonrefundable.

Recital pictures are optional.  However, students want their entire class in their photo so we encourage all to attend.  More info will follow in your recital packet.  (Recital packets come out in late spring)

Rehearsals for the recital are mandatory.  If you are not at rehearsal you will not know exactly where to stand for your dance.  More information will follow in your recital packet.

Canoe Fest Performance is highly encouraged for all dancers to attend.  It allows the dancers to perform one last time and is a very different and fun atmosphere from the recital.


  • In order to maintain safety, all dancers are instructed to wait inside and upstairs for their ride.  If your child has your permission to meet you somewhere else please let me know at the beginning of the year.  Please reinforce that when you drop off your dancer.
  • Do not wear your dance shoes outside.
  • Keep noise in the hallway to a minimum, if the noise gets out of hand parents will be asked to wait with their child until class starts.
  • Please limit absences to illnesses.  Inform the teacher of other necessary absences that may arise.
  • Cell phones and any other electronic devices must be turned to silent in the dance area.  This includes all observers at watch week.
  • If school is out for the day due to a holiday we still have dance unless noted on the Calendar.


If the Darlington School district is canceled due to weather dance is also canceled.  All other cancellations will be posted on Facebook, if you are not regularly on Facebook please let me know your preference for communication. One snow day has been built into the dance schedule.  If your class is canceled more than once due to weather you will have make-up classes.  Any class canceled due to a teacher's illness will be made up.  We will try to ensure that everyone is contacted but please when in doubt reach out to Abby.

Miss Abby

Cell Phone: (815) 440-3465
Email: [email protected]

Web: Wellness Dance
Facebook Group Page