Tree & Brush

The City is asking for everyone's help and cooperation in following these simple rules regarding Tree & Brush pick-up.  This service is provided as a courtesy by the City of Darlington, and it makes everyone's job a little easier when it's done right!  If guidelines are not followed, City personnel reserve the right to refuse pick-up.

  • The regular brush pick-up is the second Tuesday of each month, and pick-up is only once a month; with the exception of Spring and Fall clean-ups, or after a major storm which results in downed limbs.
  • Branches/trimmings/brush/leaves should be placed on the grass curb (not in the street), no later than 7am on the second Tuesday of the month.
  • The City's burn site is no longer available for individuals to deliver brush themselves.  If you have trimmings or brush that can not wait until the monthly pick-up, residents are welcome to take them to the temporary dump site located in the quarry behind the City Garage at 137 Spring Street.


  • The City's pick-up is for TRIMMINGS ONLY, NOT WHOLE TREES.  If you, the property owner, cut down a whole tree, or contract with someone to cut down a whole tree, it is your/their responsibility to haul it away.  The City WILL NOT pick it up.
  • TRIMMINGS - branches/limbs should be set at the grass curb with the butt/larger end facing toward the street, with all limbs facing the same direction.  Branches/limbs should be no larger than 6 inches in diameter, and the side limbs cut from the main limb.  Limbs should also be cut to remove any large "V" joints.
  • It is helpful if trimmings are placed in separate piles based upon their size
  • Please do not throw logs or other items on top of the branch/limb/brush pile
  • Smaller brush or lawn & garden waste should be bagged/boxed/placed in a separate container (not to exceed 35 pounds), so they may neatly make it onto the brush truck.  If brush/lawn & garden waste is piled loosely at the curb and not in a container, they will fall through the pitchfork tines and leave a mess behind.


  • SPRING - The City does not use the leaf vacuum in the Spring, so leaves should be bagged and placed at the grass curb, NOT raked into the street curb.  Raking leaves into the street curb can cause leaves to be blown or washed to the storm sewer catch basins, thus clogging the catch basins during rain events.
  • FALL - Leaves in the Fall may be bagged or raked to the grass curb, and the leaf vacuum will suck them up.  PLEASE DO NOT BLOW LEAVES OUT INTO THE STREET.


  • Fall Decorations - pumpkins, mums, gords, corn stalks, etc., will be picked up on the regularly scheduled second Tuesday of the month pick-up days in November and December
  • Christmas Decorations - Christmas trees and wreaths will be picked up on the regularly scheduled second Tuesday of the month pick-up days in January and February (unless there is a snow event and staff are busy plowing snow)


  • The City DOES NOT PICK UP grass clippings, dirt, gravel, building/construction materials, appliances, electronics or furniture.   Please DO NOT attempt to dispose of these items at the City Garage.  The City Garage is under surveillance, and violators may be cited!
  • If you have appliances, electronics, furniture or building/construction materials to dispose of, please contact Faherty's Inc. at 1-608-348-9586