Police Services

In addition to traditional police work – such as traffic enforcement, investigations, and criminal apprehension – Darlington Police Officers provide the following services and programs. To learn more about any of these services, please contact us. We look forward to serving you, too.

Residential Security Checks - while you are away from your home on vacation or for other reasons.

Business security checks- on a daily basis.

Vehicle re-entry- when you accidentally lock your keys in the car.

Emergency Medical Response - All Darlington Police Cars are equipped with first response equipment.  Defibrillators, oxygen tanks, and trauma kits are standard equipment in our cars.  All officers are certified Emergency Medical Responders (EMR) or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).

Crisis Resolution - All Officers receive regular training in resolving armed confrontations and in de-escalation techniques. In addition to the traditional sidearm carried by each officer, each Darlington Police Officer is equipped with a rifle, less lethal munitions, and a Taser.

Technological Services -Technology is the staple of policing services in Darlington. Through various sources of grant funding, Officers have acquired and deploy the most technologically advanced equipment in the law enforcement industry, including body worn cameras. Each car is equipped with radar for speed compliance, digital video equipment, digital radio communications, mobile computers with internet access, thermal imaging, night vision goggles, and more.

Police-School Liaison Program - In 1999, the department received a community oriented policing services grant from the federal government to implement a police-school liaison program, thus creating a full-time partnership between the police and the school. The objective of the partnership is to promote a safe, secure, and inviting learning environment at Darlington Community Schools. Through education, bullying intervention, enforcement, safety planning, and security the Darlington Community School District and Darlington Police Department continue to meet and exceed state and nationwide standards of best practices in school safety and security. This program has been financially supported by the Dubuque Racing Association.

Citizenship Recognition - Each year, the Darlington Police Department recognizes two graduating DHS Seniors with the City of Darlington Police Department Citizenship Award.  The award includes a scholarship and recognizes Seniors who led admirable lifestyles and were role models for others.

Community Events - Each year, the Darlington Police Department offers services to various civic organizations for the purpose of promoting safe public events.  Cumulatively, the department invests thousands of dollars in resources each year to the Canoe Festival, Lafayette County Fair, Memorial Day Parade, Homecoming, Christmas Parade, and much more to make certain the public can enjoy these types of public events without incident.

Annual Brat Feed & Ballgame - Since 1997, Darlington Police Officers suit up on the first Thursday in August of each year for an entertaining ballgame against area business owners. The ballgame is preceded by a brat feed and all proceeds support the D.A.R.E. program.