Limiting Threats to Birds

The local police department in Darlington has worked with the community to control the feral cat population in the City with good results. All cats (not just feral cats) are prohibited from running at large pursuant to Municipal Code 13.03(6). Typically speaking, they have had very good compliance with this ordinance as it pertains to domesticated cats. Feral cats have posed problems but the population has decreased considerably for a few reasons:

  1. Through an informal, cooperative trapping/relocating program they participated in with some residents they have all but wiped out the feral cat population in some neighborhoods.
  1. They conducted property inspections and required property owners to tear down or improve properties where feral cats (and skunks) found suitable habitat. This included dilapidated sheds, openings under buildings or porches, and the like.

Residents who fed feral cats were instructed to do one of two things: stop feeding them or adopt them and comply with the running at large ordinance mentioned above. When told this, residents always choose to stop feeding them, which has helped to lower the attraction to certain neighborhoods.