Credit Card Payments

Credit cards and American money

Credit Cards (American Express, Discover, Mastercard or VISA) may be used for payments of your Water and Sewer bill, Dance Class Payment or Wellness Center memberships.

You may pay online at:

  • Select Local Payments
  • Use Jurisdiction Code 6706
  • Select the correct option for what you are wanting to pay


Call 1-800-272-9829 (1-800-2PAY-TAX). Phone payments use Jurisdiction Code 6706

  • There are three payment options.  (Choose #3 Other Payments)
  • Enter 6706 (Jurisdiction Code)
  • Select Payment Option  (#1 for Water & Sewer #2 for Wellness Center and #3 for Dance Class)
  • Enter Account # for Water & Sewer (without any of the "."), Last name for Wellness Center, and re-enter phone # for Dance Class.
  • Enter your telephone number
  • Etc. (Additional detailed info)

Official Payments charges the consumer a nominal fee for this service.