Community Education

Public Education

Each year in September, members of the Lafayette County Bluebird Society submit their bluebird trail nest box results to the Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin, Inc. This data is part of the yearly nest box report included in BRAW’s Wisconsin Bluebird newsletter that is mailed to its membership.

As of the '21-22 school year, The Darlington Elementary-Middle School Science Department teaches the Elevate Science Series by Pearson which teaches "Energy Flow in Ecosystems," Conservation of Matter and Energy," as well Darwin's theories of how bird species can change over time, "Human Influence on Extinction," and how dinosaurs may be connected to modern day birds. At the elementary level, students learn about ways that birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians  have adapted over time.

The City of Darlington has worked with the Darlington Chamber and Main Street Program to implement a Bird Statue project.  The five-foot tall statues are located in the city parks and along Darlington's Main Street.  The artist made fibreglass statues are intended to help educate the viewer on various birds such as the Bald Eagle, Great Blue Heron, Eastern Bluebird, and  Scarlet Tanager.  As of July 2021, four bird statues have been installed. A fifth, the Cedar Waxwing is under construction. Each statue has a plaque explaining key elements.

The Lafayette County Bluebird Society opened a nature center on April 12, 2014 in downtown Darlington (308 Main Street). The opening was in conjunction with the Society’s annual spring meeting. Known as the Bluebird Nest Nature Center, in 2015, 19 programs were presented with 7 programs specific to birds. Two events focused on avian migration and included talks by Master Birder, Steve Betchkal. Several of the programs were tied to a follow-up program at Yellowstone Lake State Park, 15 minutes drive from the Bluebird Nest. Funding for the programs was partly provided by the Darlington Community Fund through the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin. Program participants came from distant communities, including Mount Horeb and Galena, IL. The Center is supported by the Lafayette County Bluebird Society, funded by donations, and run by volunteers with a manager to oversee activities. The 2019 programs are posted on the Society's web site:  The Bluebird  Nest Nature Center closed its doors in November of 2019. All of its bird materials were donated to the Darlington Emementary-Middle School Science Department and The Johnson Public Library in Darlington. While open, the center served 3000 visitors and presented over 80 programs, many of which were about birds.

World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD)

The City of Darlington celebrated Migratory Bird Day on October 20, 2022. A display was set up at the Johnson Public Library in which visitors could see pictures of birds that migrate through this area, materials available at the library, charts, and other pertinent materials.

In addition, in 2022, a special interactive display about bluebird nest boxes dedicated to former state and local officer and Bluebird expert, Carol McDaniel, was dedicated and displayed.